Where are saved password?


Is there a way to see (and copy) saved passwords ? I didn’t found anywhere in my device (e-q-GSI)… nor in K9 help.


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You mean, Mail passwords ?

Probably somewhere in Mail app database or data files …
But I guess they will be encrypted so you could save them, but not see them.


No folder in Android > Datas. I continue…

Oh ! Sorry, I forgot to mention : /data/data/… , as you could see in root shell (TWRP or ADB root).
Or from a TWRP backup (needs some tools) …

OK thanks, will launch adb…

Found it, but I’m kinda disappointed : I was searching for something hard to decrypt, in fact actually it’s level 0 of forensic !

As a reminder : AFAIK when the user setup a /e/ account at first start, the account get inserted in Mail.
And it’s way to easy to get the password from here :frowning:

So, I won’t publish it, if you still need any help getting back your passwords please write me privately.

Also :

  • never leave your device without a unlock scheme
  • never leave your device with ADB enabled
  • always encrypt your Data partition
  • always encrypt your TWRP backups

Don’t worry, I just won’t forget my notebook (with all my strong passwords) another time :smiley:

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I just updated my previous post :wink:

’ morning.

OK, I saw your post, thanks. But I don’t have /e/mail account, just use a “trash” account during e.install, import settings (*.k9s, from SD card), launch each one and then delete the “install-account”.

It works the same way for all Mail accounts, unfortunately :frowning:

/e/ mail account (when present :wink: ) is much sensitive, as it provides more than mail access.

I opened an issue, but it’s confidential as I had to explain the method.

I would like to store my passwords in saved passwords, to enable easy access to forums etc, but can apps read this data file?

If so its not secure, so is there a way I can secure it, or should I stick with manual log ins?

If your concern is about Browser, I don’t think that other apps can access the passwords unless you specifically allow them to.

I have Browser and Brave, and I can save passwords in both, but worry about the possibility of these passwords being read by another app.

Until your device is not rooted, I don’t think they can be.