Where are the /e/ phones being shipped from?

Which country are the /e/ phones being shipped from? Since you don’t ship out of the EU, there might be a parcel forwarding service that I can look up in the respective country.

I think the reason for not shipping outside EU is, hat it’s not guarantee that the device will work


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Phones are shipped from France. Be aware that if you need to use the warranty it will make things more complicated.

FYI, the Fairphones might not be completely compatible outside Europe.

Samsung devices should be international. You can go to this website https://willmyphonework.net to check the compatibility.


Another reason not to ship outside the EU from France could be that customs import regulations vary from country to country and it takes a lot of administrative effort to manage. Furthermore, depending on the value of the equipment, import duties of a not inconsiderable amount may be payable.

Within the European Union (EU) there are virtually no borders, controls or customs. Within the EU the exchange of goods is uncomplicated and still relatively cheap to buy. Unfortunately, in a few weeks’ time, the people of the United Kingdom (UK) will no longer be able to benefit from this.