Where can I find FP3 pie images and how do I magisk them?

Dear community,
I bought my FP3 about a year ago, installed /e/ and rooted with magisk, and quickly proceeded to make this my daily driver. I installed a bunch of updates using the OTA updater app, which promptly threw out the Magisk changes, but as I only ever needed app root for backup and restore, it took me a while to notice.

Currently, my phone is still stuck on Android 9, using build /e/OS 0.16.20210425112188. (A bunch of other FP3s I bought via e.solutions came with Android 10 preinstalled, so I want to unify.) I want to fix Magisk for this version, so I can take a complete backup of all apps with Titanium et al. and then upgrade to Q.

When I have the OTA updater give me a copy of e-0.16-p-20210425112188-dev-FP3.zip and extract the boot.img inside it, Magisk 0.22 and 0.23 both always fail to patch this file with

- Copying image to cache
! Process error
! Installation failed

(I tried to fastboot boot a current TWRP for FP3 to try cleaning the cache, but that only resulted in a hung boot.)

So I guess my questions currently are:

  1. Does the OTA updater possily give me a broken boot.img inside the large zip? If so, where can I download the pristine version? (https://doc.e.foundation/devices/FP3/install only links to directories that list the Q build.)
  2. If that file should be OK, how can I convince Magisk to patch the boot.img so I can boot into a rooted-for-apps system?

Thank you in advance for your help in getting this sorted out. :slight_smile: