Where do my phone contacts is?

Today, I’ve start up my phone and with terrible horror I’ve seen that my contact list is empty!
I remember that I’ve passed it from google to /e when I’ve passed from Android to /e.
Maybe I’ve done a very very stupid things… (really I don’t know) maybe I’ve erased them!
So I’m looking to reset it. I remember that I’ve download and upload a .vcf (or .xcf) list of contact from google to e cloud . But I’ve seen on my murena cloud I have just few contact and I don’t find the /e cloud where I can look for.
Where is the old e cloud web site? Is it now all murena? So I’ve definitely lost my contacts? Can I retrive the contacts that I had there?

Thank you


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Maybe you have just choose to not show them in the app. If you use the stock contacts app, you can try to view the settings where you will find your different accounts, or the device itself. If you imported from a .vcf file, I think you stored them in the device.

Yes! in the device!
I’ve found it! now I try to restore!

I don’t remember what is the default app for contacts. I’ve deleted it (maybe for that I’ve done this confusion). I would try to re install it (the default app) and import the .vcf I’ve found) (Simple contact give me an error…)

Thank you so much!


It is, aptly named, Contacts.
Don’t think it was possible that you deleted it. System app that can’t be uninstalled via the ROM’s package manager. Maybe you disabled it. If so you can re-enable via Settings → Apps & Notifications.

ok, Ive found the app telephone and I’ve re activated it, but I cannot find the app Contacts (or whatever it’s name) that let me try to import my .vcf. How can I look for?


ok, I’ve re upload contact (.vcf) on my simple contact app (strange thing, first time i received a java error, and now not :face_with_hand_over_mouth:)

Thank you for your sudgestion!