Where is DAVdroid?


I’d like to use DAVdroid with my own mail provider (and nextcloud) but

  • I don’t find the preinstalled DAVdroid
  • DAVdroid install button does not appear in F-Droid or Yalp.

How can I install it please?


You can access CalDAV and CardDAV of your Nextcloud account the following way:
Settings -> Accounts -> Add account -> WebDAV -> Login with URL and user name.

Configuring the access to the E-Mails of your own mail provider is done in the Mail App:
Open Mail App -> Three Dots in the top right corner -> Add account.


Thank you @Markus!
@anata, You should be able to setup email and WebDAV accounts using his instructions.

In /e/, our fork of DAVdroid is called Account Manager and the account name has been changed from “DAVdroid” to “WebDAV”.