Where is smart lock?

Where is smart lock? It’s usually in security but not there.


I think Smart Lock comes with Google Play Services, not sure though.
It’s not available in /e/.

Oh, maybe I need an app then?

No, it’s just not possible with /e/ because an anti Google phone can’t have something such as “Google Play Services”.

There aren’t any e apps that do the same thing?

In the case that you have rooted your phone, there is an Xposed module that does much the same thing :

“No Lock Home is Xposed module for lockscreen bypass based on network connectivity - when you’re home, connected to your trusted WiFi AP, lock screen will not be shown. Once you disconnect from your AP, your selected lockscreen will be enabled. It also works with cell towers.”


I wear a bluetooth watch that I’ve used in Smart Lock setting as a trusted device. Can the Xposed module u mentioned also do this?


Sorry for any confusion, but it looks like what I’ve used before is called Smart Unlock:



I don’t think so. As it’s said in the description, it only works with Wi-Fi and cell towers. I never seen an such option in the settings.

ok-sounds good. I didn’t see that described in the link u left so I thought I’d ask.


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