Where is the update files downloaded to?

I flashed 1.2 because 1.3 wasn’t working. Now I am trying to download 1.3 but it’s taking ages. I was wondering: can I download it on my computer and then just transfer it to the right location on the phone?
What would the right location be?

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For what device are you talking about

My phone is an LG G5 H850

You are right, main download is faster than OTA download

You are running two threads but where ever you are be sure to follow the full instructions https://doc.e.foundation/devices/h850/install and then to clarify, if using that method keep the file on your PC and read

adb sideload downloaded_file_name.zip


adb sideload local/path/to/downloaded_file_name.zip

As you have had difficulties I include those instructions, be sure to do the wipes as specified.

Then alternatively you could copy or transfer the .zip to the root of internal storage or SD card and TWRP > Install from there.

@aibd it’s two threads, but the questions are very different.

Here I am asking where to place the OTP file after I have downloaded it, in the other thread I was pointing out an issue with setting up 1.3 after having flashed it.

Sure it is fine to have two threads, as you had two different issues. I just put that prefix so that I hoped my advice would work for either description of your situation.

Is the issue fixed? have we answered your OP?

@aibd yes thanks! Ended up updating through recovery rather than the system update option in the settings menu

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The standard path (inherited from LineageOS) is /data/lineageos_updates/.

But putting a file here may not trigger the OTA, as it may rely on some other info.
Anyway, you can use TWRP’s Install function using this path.

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