Where is this App Lounge?

Where is this mysterious App Lounge? Some seem to have it, I don’t. Does it need to be installed somehow? With Apps? Or does it come automatically?

/e/ 0.23 stable

It has only been released on the Dev channel. We will release App Lounge on the stable channel at a later date. ETA not fixed as yet.


Thank you for the info.

Just for the record. I personally don’t hate the existing App library. It works well for me.

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Could an option then perhaps be added at the first start whether apps should be obtained from the Google Play Store or continue to be obtained from cleanapk? Then users who want nothing to do with Google could still use the app.

The goal is for the “Dependence on Cleanapk to be completely removed eventually”, though.

“We will also soon be offering a much larger and transparent access to mobile applications, with our new application installer called ‘App Lounge’. On this aspect, even if we didn’t have a single case of tampered application during the past three years, we’re progressively abandoning our dependency to the ‘CleanAPK’ service. CleanAPK is still going to be used momentarily for the catalog of apps coming from F-Droid and Progressive Web Apps, but will be totally abandoned this year.”

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Thank you. But why doesn’t /e/OS use the Aurora Store in the next version?
Edit: I read your reply in my topic and now understand why. Thanks for the answer!

Personally I wish that e would take the approach of hosting their own app store and intice people to host their apps. People who want a back door to the google play store will find aurora. I would like to see out there “download our app! Available on Apple, google play and now e os!” Kind of thing.

I am sure that is easier said than done though and you have to make the phone useable as a daily driver.