Where to find a firmware for linux for samsung s9

I need to get back to 10 in my samsung s9. Anyplace where I can get the firmware for it?

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I tried Heimdal (from Debian packages) for my A3 2017 but it didn’t work and I had to use Odin (under W$ :weary: )… French link: http://papy-tux.legtux.org/doc1257/index.html


Hope you will restore your phone.

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the last place keep saying that is a corrupt zip

Sorry, I didn’t test Samfw before. Mine comes from SamMobile

If you bought your phone as new (i.e. not second hand) you may acces to a Samsung official support…

I was thinking reading your previous posts that your device already has the Samsung Firmware android10 installed.

If you have problems with https://samfw.com/, use
But are you sure to have selected the SM-960F and a compatible CSC ?
To restore your phone with Odin.
it is not definitively bricked.
Bricking a Samsung Device is very unusual…

Yes I did. The thing Pietois that seems that installing oreo e/ snd the vendor zip from the indtallation manual, seems that my firmware is not anymore 10.