Where to find stock Android 10 ROM for FP2?


The wiki page to install /e/ Q states that you need Android 10 installed first. However I don’t know where to find this. The Fairphone website does not provide a link to download a stock Android 10 ROM. Can you really install /e/ Q on the FP2?

I think that sentence is in the instructions for all phones supported by /e/.

For the FP2 it’s not necessary, you can install /e/ Q not matter what ran on the FP2 before.


Ok thanks. I already tried but my FP2 always hangs at the end of the setup wizard, so I though maybe it had to do with that.

Flashed the e 16 (android 10) last week on FP2 without problems but still the directions on the site are misleading.

Which TWRP version did you use?

The one indicated in the page: