Where to get ./extract-files.sh

I can’t seem to find where to get the ./extract-files.sh the building-guide mentions.
I have looked in different gitlabs and repo synced the /e/os repo to look there but i just can’t find it.

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it’s inside a repository specifically for your device. For example a moto harpia at GitHub - LineageOS/android_device_motorola_harpia: Device tree for Moto G Play (harpia) - search the lineage org for your device codename

Thanks for the help
Should i just clone the repo to the ‘/srv/e/src//device//’ the guide mentions?
Have i missed something in the guide, cause it goes from “Create the /srv/e/* directories” to “Yeah now just run this script”
The guide on gitlab also mentioned TheMuppets Gitlab/Github as a way to get the blobs, but not how and where i should put the files from the repo

yes, the guide probably expects you to use the muppets repo by setting the environment var for the docker script. Recently eleborated on the options at Failed build for bramble - #5 by tcecyk

If you want to grab you existing blobs place the repo under device/vendor/codename