Where to put debug info

Hello there
I got some debug info reports, I dont really know what is all about. I saved it, maybe its useful for the development, glad about any suggestion or general info, thanks.
I can’t reproduce it, so thats why I’m not making a logcat. I can’t as well not remember when it happens nor which action I did.

I post here only the beginning of the text because I dont know if there is sensitive data concerning my privacy.

Account name: Contacts (daniel.b@e.email ew)
Authority: com.android.contacts
Request{method=PROPFIND, url=https://ecloud.global/remote.php/dav/addressbooks/users/daniel.b@e.email/contacts/, tags={}}

Thanks for any suggestions.

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debug infos have to be shared in the corresponding issue on our gitlab.


Thanks for the answer. Do you think i should open a new issue, because i dont really know what this debug info is about. And I guess debug infos are save concerning my data, are they? Thx

If you are facing an issue, yes you can open a new one (or comment under an existing one).

But you said you couldn’t reproduce it, which means issue solved :slight_smile:

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