Which android Apps work on /e/?

I am new to the community and i would like to know if e.g dedicated banking-,ensurance- and other apps that are officially offered in playStore can be installed and are working on /e/ OS e.g. with fairphone?
Thanks for any hint :slight_smile:

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

Goes very quickly. As good as all

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thank you for your quick reply. Sounds good!

If this was true, there would be no need for this here, for instance …

Most Play Store Apps can be installed, many will work, at least for a while … but nobody guarantees anything.
/e/ doesn’t have Google services, it just tries to mimic them as good as it can via microG. You better should not be dependent on Google-dependent Apps to work 100%.


If you use a Fairphone, that your banking app works, has a higher chance than a smartphone with an open bootloader. With banking apps you are dependant on Aurora Store (its a client which mimics play store).

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You mean if it is rooted.
Not open bootloader.
Many banking Apps checks if the phone is rooted

Never used root, so I cant argue on that topic. One banking app works on Fairphone with closed bootloader, on xz2c with open it doesnt (they say the device seems ‘jailbreaked’).


Really almost everything I tried works. The way I proceed is the following :

  • try finding the app in F-Droid. I consider this the most secure way, apks recompiled from open-source with severe criteria (no closed elements, detailed explanation on ‘who calls home’, etc.)

  • when not found on F-Droid, try /e/ own app repository (‘Apps’, installed by default). /e/'s Apps adds many non-open-source apps that are guaranteed to just work, again with a detailed assessment of their confidentiality

  • when none of the above works, which concerns things very specific, or national-only, install the Aurora app store (available in /e/ own ‘Apps’), configure it (basically one single setting : choose to stay anonymous or give away your google account) and get the app -Aurora just accesses google’s own store, so everything is there. Among other, all closed-source apps calling home freely -but that’s your choice then.

Given the way /e/ simulates Google’s hooks and tricks, there indeed may be some remaining apps that once installed won’t work. But honestly, with some 100 apps installed on an /e/ Fairphone 3 here I found just no failure.
The only trouble I had, initially, was trying to send myself apks from the previous phone : in that case a couple of them didn’t work properly. But once I replaced them with Aurora-installed versions, everything went OK.

Incidentally, I don’t know where to post a list of ‘verified’ apps.
There is the thread specific to banking apps that @AnotherElk mentioned above, with an editable table that I did update, but no general place apparently, or I don’t know it.

[edit] a thread dedicated to Aurora, with much more detail than that I give here : [HOWTO] Download every app in the Google Play Store thanks to Aurora Store - #3 by PoorPocketsMcNewHold

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