Which browser to use ,and what about spotify

So i got eos working.
But now im having some questions.
I have 1 problemen with protonmail doesnt give notifications. I have tot scan manually fort mails.
I found a topic here from last year and seems there is not a fix yet. Maybe now there is a fix?
And what about spotify? Exodus finds 8! Trackers.
I now use the tor browser but is still sending data tot google via telemetry? Is it beter to use the browszr that game with eos? Thats chrome right?
And last hut not least ,express vpn had 2 trackers?
Sorry for the many questions

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone

I’m sorry I can’t help you with the rest of your queries, but the browser that comes with /e/OS is a hardened version of Bromite.

Thank u for ur reply. I rebooted my phone and now I’m getting notifications from proton.
There was also a problem with signal but that’s also fixed. And u say an hardened version of bromite, is it better than Firefox for privacy? Probably. Otherwise they would use it in their os
I also found an answer on the Spotify part. They do collect allot of data. But only what u do with their app. No personal stuff

Is Bromite better than Firefox for privacy?

Don’t know. I also use Firefox Focus / Klar.

I have a questiion but cant make a topic because i get an error. How can i save files automatically to SD card?
A user here asks the same question but didnt get an answer.

What do you think of Iridium web browser ?
It is google free chromium. would it be good to have it on android (not available at the moment) and would it be better than Bromite ?
I have read in a french paper that it is made by OSBA. i searched but only found this site, https://osba.sh/ . Is Iridium a Microsoft project ?


It is made by:

Iridium Browser is a software project of NETitwork GmbH © 2020.

And Iridium is only for computers, whereas Bromite is only for phones.

thank you for the information.
i was just hoping they do an android version, such as the guy from the french linux paper in 2018.

There is relatively new community-driven client for Deezer, which is one of Spotify’s main (and, perhaps, better) competitors. This is the most interesting alternative tool for music streaming I’ve found by far.

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