Which device for /e/


Currently have a Mi8 but builds are failing (I think it’s come about after lineage stopping there builds).

So looking at getting another phone. Don’t mind building my own rom. Phone requires

AMOLED display
Ideally 64Gb storage or greater
6in display or there abouts
quick charge 3
low sar would be nice (on the off chance it makes any differance)

I was thiking about the Sony XA2 Ultra (but it’s actually pretty huge) S9/S9+ but these are no longer getting lineage os images built by lineage directly.

Any others I should consider?

What about Pocophone? It is pretty simar to Mi8.
Or the Oneplus6?

pocophone is great hardware wise but I think it suffers from the same Xiaomi issue, Lineage hasn’t built any release since early august.
I’ll check out the Oneplus6. I had a oneplus 3T which had really bad reception (seemed a common issue) So kind of put me off. But onplus 6 does look nice.


My criteria are similar to yours, and I’m counting on S10e or A50(s). The first one’s already got the unofficial LineageOS 16, so there’s some hope.

It’s terrible that in recent years, the flashing-friendly flagships with low SAR have almost died out.

Meanwhile, I prefer the old-fashioned 5 Watts overnight.


You know that quick charging is killing the batterie ??

Oooh I’ll keep an eye out for those.

Yes, these days so few decent choices of highend phones for flashing.

I mainly use an old iPhone charger, but it is useful when 20 mins will give you 50% charge.

Had an oppo 7 plus some years ago and it was only every rapid charged, never noticed a degradation in battery life.
Though I slow charge most of the time, QC3 is useful for those times when you need a good boost.