Which /e/OS phone has the best camera?

I have tried Fairphone 3 and upgraded the camera. Installed OpenCamera App, but still the camera takes very bad pictures and takes extremely much time for taking the picture. Which phone would you recommend buying (and installing /e/OS) that has a good camera?

My fear is that good camera performance is only possible with original operating systems instead of /e/, because open source camera apps are not that good. Can you comfirm or disagree?

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I would not agree that open source camera apps are not as good as closed source apps. The Fairphone 3 and the Fairphone 4 too (I have one) have mediocre cameras. There are some good smartphones like Pixel 5 and Edge 30, Samsung S10 and some more that have good cameras and are supported by eOS

I do not know Samsung S10 – my Samsung A3 (2016) produces acceptable photos, but when I search the reason for failures I find suggestions that Samsung uses proprietary software to the camera.

Over time I have simply found that using the native Camera app > Settings > Settings Manager > Reset settings has a useful restorative effect.

On my Galaxy S9+, which is known for its good (multi)camera hardware, the photos I get from /e/-OS Camera app (a fork of Open Camera) are of acceptable, but poor quality.
I have never run this phone with stock Android and Samsung proprietary camera app though, so couldn’t compare myself, just trusting the S9/S9+ reputation.
And on this phone, the second back hardware camera is not shown in the Camera app …
So there still quite much work on this side to get something comparable to general stock Android camera photo service and rendering quality …

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But at least on the Fairphone 3/3+ this is the case.
User consensus is that the 3+ camera hardware upgrade brought very limited visible improvement and that using an unofficial port of the Google camera App (as Google themselves only provide it on Google Pixel phones) is the way to go for picture quality improvement. And the Fairphone 3/3+ is not alone with this.

An FP3 discussion of different Apps and example shots … https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp3-pixel-camera-app-google-camera-port/53146

Edit: An FP4 discussion … https://forum.fairphone.com/t/fp4-gcam-port/79450


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