Which is the use of "reset trackers" under each app in Advanced Privacy?

It’s all in the title. Tapping on it, apparently nothing happens

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I do not find that option… Where is it?(screenshot?)

I do not have that option…

(A reset for the counter would be nice to have)

That’s exactly what I was hoping for @obacht !!

I’m on Samsung S8 1.12 R dev

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And does the reset button work for You?(you already said so…)
after update to 1.12.3 I also have that button but it does not do anything… (I opened this issue anyways: 7062 - just before my phone got the update …)

If you’ve deactivated blocking for any of the trackers in an app, pressing the reset button activates them again (at least for me). I agree it would be good to have a reset for the counter.


Ah, that´s what it is about, Thanks!
I did not try that scenario as I misinterpreted the button from the beginning: I thought it was meant to do a full reset of the trackers list per app (in terms of deleting all shown trackers so they could reappear on the list once the app tries to connect to them again…)

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