Which keyboard do you use?

Which keyboard (AZERTY) do you use with writing gesture (écriture gestuelle)? I have the Samsung S9. And for the moment I am nit really happy with the keyboards I try…

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Sadly, there is no really good open source keyboard with gesture support.
You could try AnySoftKeyboard, they have a beta version of gesture support that you can turn on in the settings.
I tried this (with German QWERTZ) and it is ok-ish. I definitely had to swipe very precisely, but I’m no fast typer in general, so your mileage may vary.

Thank you! :hibiscus:

You might like Openboard which I discovered recently. I has support for a few limited gestures like dragging on the spacebar to move the cursor or dragging on the delete keyer to select text to delete. As it’s purely open-source and has a a fair number of contributing developers, you could probably put in a request for other gestures. They are planning to add some in the near future. Excellent language support!

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Thank you Grendel. Yes, I have tried it yet. Not so bad but, the only thing I miss in my former smartphone and OS is Gboard… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

You might consider using gboard while denying any network connection of the app. So this might be an acceptable sacrifice.

Hey, sorry, didn’t saw your answer!!! Yes thanks. I finally put gboard (shame shame shame) but didn’t deny network connection.

Thanks a lot!

How do you deny network connection for Gboard?

I installed it and then went to App permissions, but there was no option to deny Internet access.

I don’t know if I have done the proper thing but…
From french translation…
Apps/Gboard/data usage ?? (consommation de donnees), I have switch off wifi and mobiles data.

… ?? Could someone valid this?

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It’s correct what @Mybass wrote.
Just to be more precise:
Settings–>apps-> gboard-> mobile data & Wi-Fi
Disable “allow network access”

Hmm, I must not have a recent enough build to get that option.

Running oreo on a Samsung S5

Maybe it’s only available in the -p- and -q- releases. Is there only the oreo release available for S5 (EDIT: according the list at https://doc.e.foundation/devices/ pie or q should be available for S5)?

I used AnySoftKey for a little bit however the glide typing is as ask concurs is clunky, slow and in beta so I’m using gboard.
/e/os 0.17, Samsung, Galaxy S9, SM-G960F
downloaded gboard from /e/apps, put the phone in airplane mode (paranoia), took the following steps
settings>apps & notifications>gboard>data usage>turn off the toggle for “wifi data” and “cellular data” as @Mybass and @ff2u pointed out.
I added…
settings>system>language & input>virtual keyboard>gboard>advanced>turn off the toggle for “share usage statistics”
restarted the phone and turned off airplane mode. Happy typing all.

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