Which preinstalled app do you really use?

Done, thank you, don’t know why I don’t think about it earlier :slight_smile:

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Some OS like iodéOS allow it.

  • Bliss Launcher (yes)
  • Bliss Launcher (no)

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Doesn’t say it’s easy to do, nor that they do it properly though…

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I use:
Bluemail since I need activesync.
Brave browser because it works with Fedex links.

Yes, you can unistall for your user, from a PC, with ADB and a command line, without root, so the apps stay on the system but you can’t see them.



I use :
Notes → Joplin
Message → Signal (up to now…)

The web browser became the most unused app…
This seems to indicate a real controversy for something as important as a web browser.


That’s an interesting assertion. Where did you find that information?

Just here
This is a temporary result and it can change. Also, it is only for voters (and I hope it is representative of all /e/OS users).

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I see Joplin has a privacy rating of 9/10 in the /e/ app store. I’m gona try it! Because the ‘Carnet’ app available on the /e/Nextcloud is not quite ready from what I read @Manoj thanks for the tip @VincentS but what server/cloud do you sync your notes with?
I’ll also have a look at OSMand+ @hgbl as a replacement for Magic Earth that I don’t like much.
Actually I found a much better maps app. Much faster and better than Magic Earth : it is called Organic Maps.

The notes are on my ecloud account.

I use both Organic Maps and OSMAnd :slight_smile:. FYI, Organic Maps is actually a fork of what used to be MAPS.ME (better use Organic Maps now, since it’s open source).

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OSMAnd is also OpenSource:

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Sure, I meant between MAPS ME and Organic Maps. Of course OSMAnd is open source :wink:. Thanks for the precision.

Does it works without GoogleGallery?

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Yes. And especially without Google.

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When I want to view a taken picture the following message comes up (translated from German):

"Google Photos required.

If you want to view your photos, you need to download Google Photos from the Play Store."

<— proud FP3 user!

From what I (vaguely) remember, another custom ROM (IodéOS? CalyxOS?) now provides some sort of plugin to make GCam work with another gallery embedded, but I haven’t tried it yet. For my part, I just do without the embedded gallery button and switch to my own gallery app (Simple Gallery) instead to view photos – without having it embedded in GCam.