Which preinstalled app do you really use?

We all know that some pre-installed applications are not used by /e/OS users.
Others are more or less controversial (like Browser with its WebView update defaults and security issues).
So I thought of making this survey.

I think this can be useful to get an idea of which apps are most used/popular and which ones are not liked and maybe need to be changed/updated/upgraded/abandoned.

  • Web-browser
  • Mail
  • Message
  • Camera
  • Dialer
  • Calendar
  • Contact
  • Clock
  • Gallery
  • Filemanager
  • Sound recorder
  • Calculator
  • Keyboard
  • App Lounge
  • Maps
  • PDF reader
  • Notes
  • Tasks

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We can eventually give the alternative app that we used to remplace pre-installed one.

For me:
Web-Browser → Mull
Keyboard → AnySoftKeyboard
PDF reader → Secure PDF viewer

EDIT: I use Bliss Launcher

I think launcher should have been included in the list. I use TotalLauncher.

Web browser: Fennec. For many others, I use Simple Tools apps, Nextcloud apps, and Synology DS apps.

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Good point ! I totally forgot that one.

I can’t edit the poll, @Manoj can you help me to add Bliss Launcher in the choice ?

Music app → VLC
Notes → Nextcloud notes
Browser → Fennec
Camera → Gcam

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Whatever you guys do keep it user-friendly. /e/os is the easiest de-googled ROM to recommend to a tech novice who just wants privacy. One of the best novice-friendly features is App Lounge privacy ratings (not perfect but not bad either) and that you can’t accidentally install google services like you can on Aurora Store. If I accidentally install google services, I know how to fix it. If a novice accidentally does it, they’re screwed.


I do use all, except:

Music (replaced by) => Music player. Reason: No search tool on the native app. (have about 500 music tracks)

All other /e/ apps are well doing the job for my needs.

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You can not edit a poll after 5 minutes of post creation.

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Agreed. I use Kiss launcher.

  • Calendar and Mail → Proton Calendar and Mail
  • Maps → OsmAnd
  • Keyboard → OpenBoard
  • Web-browser → Fennec
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Clock → Deskclock
Camera → Nikita GCam
Gallery → Simple Gallery
Music → VLC
Notes → Editor

I was on the brink of (falsely) claiming “there was/is no default Music app”, but realized upon checking that I had deactivated Music early on – with a 200+ GB music library on your SD card, you just don’t want a music app that keeps auto-scanning your SD storage. Love VLC.

For why the default Clock app didn’t meet my nerdy needs :wink: see Minor bug in stopwatch display?

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VLC scans my SD card always when I switch Bluetooth on and notifies me about that. Haven’t tried to suppress that until now, could have a look at it. My normal music player is SicMu (see F-Droid), which is folder based. I think folder based is the only principle that really works in large music libraries, where you have normally a total mess in the internal tags data.

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Yes, that’s what I do in VLC, too (I changed VLC settings to stop auto-scanning). The album cover artwork alone would keep making the app stuck otherwise.

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The one and only App i don’t use is Music Player…

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Browser → Mull
Mail → FairEmail
Messages → newer QKSMS → Simple SMS
Calendar → Simple Calendar
Keyboard → AnySoftKeyboard
Maps → OsmAnd+
Launcher → tried many → ADW Launcher for a while → now KISS Launcher

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I’m not sure this survey really adds any value. Of course, the Contacts app is used the most, but that’s mainly because everyone has contacts on their device and there’s hardly anything to improve.

Ultimately, you can replace any pre-installed app, since all apps are forked versions of existing apps.

I would like it if you could choose which apps you want to install and which not.
(And: The apps should be updated more regularly. The Notes app and the PDF app, for example, are outdated).

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Notes → I use colornote because it has an “offline” mode (the native /e/OS one can only be used with an online account)

Tasks, PDF reader and Sound Recorder - I have had no need to use any of these apps yet (these apps get used on my phone less than once a year) so haven’t figured out if I want/need a replacement or the default app is ok.

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This is a good point that I wanted to clarify. When I ask which apps you use, I meant which ones you haven’t replaced with another.
Indeed “sound record” is not necessarily used but I did not replace it.

Thanks for clarifying this :slight_smile:

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Yes, the goal is to see which ones have been replaced. There may be several reasons for this.
But if we focus on Browser in particular it is very interesting to see that it is not used much (so replaced). Why is this? I think /e/ must be wondering (and it is):

It helps to see which applications to optimize so that users are satisfied with the basic pre-installed apps :slight_smile:

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I not use messages bcause i delete not need SMS automatically by Automagic premium app. And changed keyboard with OpenBoard keyboard, good slution.

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