Which Smartphone to buy (Galaxy S9 is broken)

Hi there,
I would like to buy a “new” used smartphone. I am using a Samsung Galaxy S9 at the moment, but it does not charge normally anymore. So I would like to get a new used one. It should be supported with the official e-software and it would be great if the battery would last longer as with the S9. Also, it should be supported with newer versions. And, if possible, it should not be much bigger. Apart from that, I don’t have much to request, it should just be at least as good as the S9.

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You could have it repaired : I had this problem, and got the battery and charge module changed, 2 years and a half ago now. It cost me 120€, but much cheaper than buying an equivalent used one.

Hey jpmeuret,
you are right, I could give it to some corporation to repair it, but for 120 € I could have a used one from a company. Also, I am not completely happy with the phone as the battery doesn’t last very long. That is why I wanted to see if I could have another defice which also runs well with /e/.

The S9 works again. Still, for in like two years, is this the right forum to post? I was not sure where to ask…

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There are 227 Supported devices I mentioned the search possibilities in this post Recommendations & Advice on Compatible Phones - #8 by aibd

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Thanks for your reply, aibd :slight_smile:

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