Which Tablet best for /e/OS?

I don’t know if it work as Phone (Phonecalls). My LTE Data Card connects only with Datamodus, not with Callpermissions. I do not try Threma or Signal yet, but why they may not working. Signal uses a Phonenumber for verification, Threema not. But you can register Signal on the Tablet and verify it over the Phonenumber of your Smartphone when verification SMS recives.
WiFi & LTE (4G) are working very good. SMS are working, i tested it a few moments before writing this Message.
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Thank you @anon48570964 for your feedback

@smu44 thanks a lot for this tip! I just bought a 2nd hand Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 (€100) and installed /e/OS without any problem. All seems to work very nice.


[LIST] /e/OS Supported Tablets

I have 2 tablet with e OS now installed since over 6 month.
I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab S6 lite and a Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e LTE.
My experience for both devices is that they are now stable to use (The S6 had audio issues but this is now fixed) tough e OS release is not stated as stable
Personally I would prefer and suggest the S5e as the better device due to the better display and its also lighter and more handy than the S6 lite

Thank you @ronnz98 for sharing it.
Has the Tab S5e LTE phone capabilities? I mean, send and receive calls / SMS?

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sure since its has LTE capabilities and you can use a SIM card

Thank you @ronnz98 .
I was just wondering if those feature were enabled even with e/OS/ …

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yes. SMS and calls works on the Samsung S5e Tab

Thank you@ ronnz98.

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Now I got a Samsung Tab 6 lite (wifi). That Tabet work amazing for me and for my conditions. The LTE version of the tablet seems to be supportet with one of the next eOS Versions…

I love the SPen working smooth for my Inkredible App… :smile:
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Thank you everybody for your feedback about /e/OS tablets.

I was wondering about 2 topics:

  1. how are the users managed in the tablets? My wish was to have a admin / user mode, but based on my experience ( see [FEATURE PROPOSAL] Child safety features in /e/ - some thoughts - #50 by sonyxa2) I could not have it on my mobile. Although it is fair to say that it seems a different story for other users … perhaps it has changed with the /e/OS version / device?
  2. Are characters suitable for poor eyesighted? In other words, can it be usable without glasses? I understand that it subjective, but I have seen that sometimes you can make the characters of the interface bigger, but then menus becomes unreadible, because too cramped … so I would like to understand if the feature is implemented correctly, and it is possible to really use it

Thank you in advance for your feedback.

Hey Stefan, I have an S6 lite and would love to have /e/OS on it. Is it easy to install? Do apps like Painter and the calligraphy recognition work fine with it?

Hi there,
the install was for me at 1. Point tricky (after i install the recovery…). But at the community board there are enough documentation to move succsessful the installation. Make sure, that your power are at 100%, before you start installation!!!
I don’t know your apps, i use inredible pro with my SPen, because i need it at my work. With V1.0 it works very smooth for me. I hope, i have give you enough answers…



Is there any other 8" tablet except the Samsung Galaxy S2 Tab (713) or any plans to support 8" tablets in the future?

As /e/ OS is based on LineageOS, a look at their supported devices shows only Lenovo and Samsung.

I just did this.

The tablet had Android 11/R on it (as required by the /e/OS install instructions), but the attempt to get access to the OEM Unlock by updating (as the instructions say) ended up putting Androidn12/S onto it. :person_facepalming:

I tried to find a way to get 11/R back onto it (with Heimdall, stock ROM and even a Linux version of Odin), but just gave up and did the 9 steps listed in this post. Essentially, I “stepped down” from 12/S to 11/R using the Lineage recoveries and ROMs, then flashed /e/OS onto it. It worked!

The OEM Unlock was a big problem, so I ended up just doing it from the Download Mode ([VolUp]+[VolDown] & plug USB cable into device while cable is connected to computer) and selected the Unlock Mode to unlock the bootloader. It proceeded without the headache of no OEM Unlock option under Developer Options after that.

A trick I learned from @chrisrg is to flash the next-to-most-recent ROM version (in this case 1.2 as of this date) and then do an OTA update to the latest. This takes care of any A/B partition issues that might exist on the phone/tablet.

It’s been working nicely for several days.

Good luck.

Well, it just confirms that the other slot is ok for going forward with /e/, it doesn’t actually fix anything. If there was a problem existing in the other slot the ota would probably not boot! It’s just that I like to get the phone sorted out for both slots at the same time; rather than having a problem crop up a month later with the first update!

I have now a Samsung Galaxy S2 Tablet T713 and can recommend it if you look for 8" tablet

Now have also a Lenovo Yoga Tab 3 Plus Wi-Fi (YTX703F) which I can also recommend

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