Which version of the Stock ROM for the GS290 to start?


I would like to buy a Gigaset GS290 and install e/os/.

Reading through the docs and various posts here in the forum, I’m a little confused as to which version of the stock ROM I can/should use as a base.

I can do the flashing manually and don’t have to use the Easy Installer.

I have successfully flashed a Google Pixel 2XL, a OnePlus 8 Pro and a KingKong Mini 2 (with GSI) with e/os/.

Maybe someone can give me some advice.

Many Thanks

greeting StOber


As GS290: after installing /e/OS, BT and WiFi do not work (#5027) · Issues · e / Backlog · GitLab is not solved, you may have to apply this: GS290 cant enable wifi - #2 by smu44 (link to the stock ROM i found working: Stock GS290 Rom anyone? - #22 by smu44).

However these posts are quite old, if you have time a feedback with a newest stock ROM will be welcome :wink:

As a side note, I strongly advise to use Windows and a USB2 port/hub.

Many thanks for your response.

I know the entries in the forum and have already read them.

Since I just had the opportunity to get a GS290 cheaply, I thought about buying it and flashing /e/os.

But I think that the effort is too great and I will look around for another cheap smartphone.

Anyway thanks again


If you wish, I can do it for you.
Only if your are in E.U., and you would only pay the postal costs.
Please contact me in PM if interested.

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