Who is behind Android versions?

The latest article by @eDevelopersBlog (great article btw!) posted on this forum states the following which makes me wonder if it is also Google who decides about the Android versions and in this case why are we using the term de-googling? we are forking from something that was developped by Google in the first place. I understand that Lineage (from which /e/ comes from) replicates the versionning of AOSP, in other words, each version of Lineage accompagnies an AOSP version. Although this question sounds really basic, I haven’t really found an answer. Do I understand it right, that the /e/ project is all about removing traces of Google from something that Google originally provides?

Google is the main contributor to the Android Open Source Project and primarily looks after its development.

I found some good info on this website of a consulting company that helps build Android products: https://emteria.com/learn/android-open-source-project

Critical voices describe Google’s AOSP as a commercial, ad-laden experience. But Android is the best OS option for those who rely on open-source software. The OS offers incredible potential thanks to its huge developer community

extract2 about Google planning another AOSP-like open source project:

In August 2016, a new open source project appeared on GitHub - Fuchsia. Since then, we haven’t heard much. Unlike Google’s previously developed Android and Chrome OS operating systems, which are based on the Linux kernel, Fuchsia is based on the new Zircon kernel. We still don’t know much about Fuchsia

and GrapheneOS contributing upstream to AOSP is interesting to notice:

https://e.foundation/products would say … “It has an open-source Android OS core, with no Google apps or Google services accessing your personal data.”

I would say it is mainly about removing data mining connections to Google from something that Google originally provides.
But since users tend to not like to see the word “Google” left anywhere visible in a degoogled Android OS originally from Google, it can sometimes be about removing traces of Google, too :wink: .

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