Who should decide how an individual spends their time

This made me wonder if I should be choosing whether or not, and how, I “waste” my time or if this should be decided for me by someone else. There seems to be a rising tide of authoritarianism in the world at the moment and I don’t like it. Freedom to make my own decisions is, after all, what attracted me to /e/ back in 2018. Similarly I used to participate in the Telegram support room via a bridged Matrix room but the room is now banned apparently because I posted a link to it. I don’t like Telegram or anything else which shepherds people into pens as though they were livestock. Please share your thoughts about all of this before this topic is closed.

/e/OS is a ROM specifically targeted at non-technical users. The forum and channels are also primarily aimed at such folks. Here, users discuss e/OS and the applications installed on it. They share their comments and provide feedback. If a person has technical skills and wants to help to support other users who face issues, they are most welcome to share their ideas on resolving user issues.
Discussing other operating systems has, in the past, started acrimonious debates that end up with users getting banned or threads having to be stopped for turning abusive. Neither I nor the other moderators, or the genuine users, have the time to waste on such arguments. If anyone wants such spirited discussions, there are forums on the net where they can raise such questions.This is not the place for those arguments.


How would one expect a balanced debate on that topic the e.os forum. This isnt the place, put it away, lol.

Forum operators spending resources to maintain a forum online get to make decisions regarding how their forum is run.
I as a forum user get to make the decision how much time I spend in a forum.


Most likely, questions such as this are better to be asked at other forums where many custom ROM users, developers, testers and overall Android enthusiasts gather (like XDA forums).

It’s a bit sad but whenever you ask about a certain custom ROM (for example) in another custom ROM’s forum / discussion board, people are usually not very well welcoming of other custom ROMs. Just look at LineageOS until recently. People were really wild and argued a lot whenever someone brought up the topic of microG or lineage4microg (until they merged the microG signature spoofing functionality around a week ago). It was like someone has brought a dynamite into the discussion. Android community is really fragmented in this. We really bicker a lot over the smallest things. For example - if someone likes microG, there will be another person who will completely hate microG and will attempt to smash it everywhere.

While /e/os might be suitable for some people, it might not be suitable for you. It all depends on your individual needs and threat model. /e/os is targeted at users who want to degoogle their phone while still keeping basic functionality with services / apps which rely on Google Play. It’s targeted at people who want to stay private. It’s targeted at people who would have a need for some kind of an ecosystem. But some people might not like the /e/os preinstalled apps or the ecosystem. And that’s totally fine. There are other custom ROMs which might be more suitable for one’s individual needs. The individual themselves decides how to spend their time and how to use their device.

Hence you are free to choose whichever custom ROM you like. The information about each ROM is already out there. You just need to look for it. For the starters, I would recommend XDA forums.

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At least you should already know the pro and cons of eOS yourself by now ;- ) If not, try again because it is getting better over time like a good wine :- )

Thank you for some interesting responses.
The explanation given above for closing the other thread is much more reasonable than the one given in the thread itself. If this is such a frequently occurring issue then I suggest having a stock reply on hand for closing such threads. It will prevent raising the ire of those who might see such glib responses as authoritarian censorship.

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