Why Are Post Being Closed Automatically In X Amount of Days?


I certainly understand this forum belongs to you, and that we are all end-users who abide by your rules and follow them…


Unless you are running out of Storage Space, you shouldn’t be closing down posts, as long as members aren’t causing problems.

Common Practice on Forums around the world, posts are never closed, unless there is a problem going on in the post, people being trouble, issues being caused, etc., this is the only valid real reason you close a post.

If people aren’t causing problems in posts, they shouldn’t be closed, and I see posts being closed automatically after only 15 days. Doing this, takes away people’s chance to further participate in these same topics.

Rhetorically speaking, those who made this choice to do this, you have never been on a forum, seeing topics of discussion going on for months over the same subject matter, or even a year? I have…

You close a post in such a short period of time, and someone has the same issues, concerns, problems, etc., then these same topics/posts have to be created over and over and over again.

This makes people feel like their time, words, discussions, etc., are not worth much time around here, you make it feel like a regime around here, with such strict rules of conversation, like we are only allowed to speak for a short period of time, then cut off.

If no one, ever, in the history of this forum has ever said anything, then I’m really surprised, because this is a bad thing to do, and on a personal note, you make me feel like my time is only valid for a short period and then I have to be Shut Down.

I wasted a lot of time recently making a really good post over TOR vs VPN, this was a very valid and good topic of conversation that could of carried on for several years, allowing new users to participate, asks questions and further LEARN on the topic, but you shut it down, and made me feel like my time and efforts around here are worth very little to you.

In all my years as a professional in the world of computer tech, which is a very long time, this has turned out to be one of the most uncomfortable and unwelcoming forurms I’ve ever experienced, because of things like this, with you not realizing, how demeaning you make people feel.

Bottom Line: Close posts that turn into trouble, leave good posts open. :wink:

Hello, you can always ask @Manoj to reopen a topic if you want. Lot of people here have already do that.

A topic is never really locked as long as you can ask for reopen it :slightly_smiling_face:

Ok, not sure why they feel the need to even lock in the first place then.

And the problem is, if someone creates a lot of posts, which many people do, then you have to go back and waste time, hunting them down, send a request, etc, and wait.

Seriously, that’s a big hassle, so posts shouldn’t be closed in the first place, unless there are problems being created in that post.