Why Development Build Instead Of Production Build

Hey Guys,
One thing i was thinking
Why /e/ using development build (/e/-userdebug) instead of production build? (/e/-user) which OEM’s Do!
And yes CopperheadOS did too.
Cause /e/ is trying to sell devices so i don’t think it’s a good choice to shipping device’s with development build. It’s ok for now cause /e/ still in development so using development build is ok for now so when /e/ v1.0 released i think /e/ should release production build.
Following LineageOS structure like nightly or weekly build for development.
I don’t think it’s a good idea.
Cause LineageOS is normally for power users who like to do anything with there devices and /e/ is all about Privacy And Security so it’s not a good idea to release development build. Here
But you guys can build monthly production build and weekly development build … Which is much better for users


Fully agree with this view, more info here.

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For me as a /e/ user, it is primarily important that the /s/ OS works as well as possible, no matter what the name of the build layer is.

Experts can find more information in the build layers. Therefore your thoughts I can understood very well and further thoughts about this are quite useful.

I assume that with the release of the /e/ OS v1.0 build will change a lot. Until then, the build layers for the refurbished Samsung smartphones with /e/ pre-loaded differ from the other supported /e/ devices with < dev > by the addition <stable>.

@archje did you read my link? This is not about naming, about the way you build the ROM and how it is configured.

@andrelam, I really have no idea how to build a build yet. And if the English is written too technical, I don’t always understand it in the author’s sense - unfortunately!

Full agree too, but I fear e-team is using resources for other things. I fear that v1 is still far away.

a project like this trying to race with google and apple like company so it’s worth for waiting , but still i think @GaelDuval should try to look here too

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