Why do I have 2 /e/ address books?

Hi, I’m going crazy…


The first says: “Contatti” and, after my email address: “vA”

The second one says: “contacts-wa” – which is a .vcf file I uploaded – and, after my email address, “qv”.

I’m getting a bit tired of this game of cat and mouse. I’ll probably end up installing Whatsapp in the main profile and feed the fucker whatever it wants – they already have all my contacts from my previous phone anyway…

But thanks to anybody who can help for this last try.

As I understand it Google Corp originally designed Android so that everyone would use a google account for everything and they could collect our data. So the built-in contacts list was designed to be stored on a Google server along with your Google Mail, your calendar, your notes, your reminders, your bookmarks, your search history, etc etc etc.

I think they realized that some people don’t want that, so they created the possibility to store your contacts and appointments locally, on the device itself.

As long as I have had an Android phone I have had trouble with this. There are always two calendars, two sets of contacts, even tho I never want more than one. It is possible to learn to use only one, set up the same one active all the time, but the basics of the software allow two, whether I like it or not.

e.foundation provides a replacement for the Google services which spy on everybody. Very many people want to synch their calendars to a server, so the /e/ account does that for them. I totally understand why. I am a bit of an outlier, in that I don’t need or want that service. So, I just learn to live with having an extra calendar I don’t want.

I’m on Android since Android Froyo and I never have had this issue with double contact or calendar app.
But I must say, that I have swapped from beginning on to custom ROMs. And have given up my g-account some years ago, So my answer would not very helpful for you :pensive:

I never had the problem myself, not while I used a traditional android phone.

I think it happened because I imported some contacts via a vcf file, and added another contact manually to /e/’ s cloud from my computer. But I was logged in with the same account in both cases, so it’s really weird…

I have this under settings>accounts: ‘/e/ address book’ one just has contacts (-------@e.email LQ) and the other one just ‘/e/’ (------@e.email) has the sync settings for everything else. So it only shows up as one ‘/e/ Address book’ - Contacts (-----@e.email LQ) in the contacts app settings

Also to note I sync’d my contacts by uploading the .vcf file via my desktop in e.cloud website not through the phone itself

For my 980 contacts the import in e.drive fails all the tine and there are several posts which reports the same issue with importing into e.drive

Same here in settings>accounts.

But is this normal? (2 accounts)

Similar problem here.
The contacts app appears to have a single address book, but when I select Edit on a contact, I get this:

My accounts setting has these:

With these details under each:

The first account, labelled “[email address] /e/” has a setting for “Address books” and other stuff. The other account is labelled “Contacts [email] /e/ Address book” and only a setting for Contacts ???

I am tempted to delete one of the accounts, but hesitate because it gives this warning:

It appears that most of the contacts are owned by the “Contacts” account, but I don’t know how to see for sure.
Looking at the contacts in a browser (ecloud.global) shows all the duplicates, but no indication of which address book each entry is associated with.
The duplicates also appear in a bulk exported vcf, but no apparent indication of which address book each came from.
Very confusing.
If anyone has suggestions, I’m all ears.