Why do phones still show Google logo when booting?

I’m sure that someone must have asked this before, but I couldn’t find it if they did. I now have a Nexus 6 and a Pixel with /e/ installed. Both phones still show a Google logo when started from power off. This displays for a short time until replaced by the bouncing “e”.

Why does this happen? Is the G logo screen driven by hardware, or was it a decision by Lineage to show the phone manufacturer’s logo at startup? Or is it part of the firmware that can’t be replaced – in which case, does anyone know what else that part of the firmware does? Is it possible that it contacts G in some way?

In a related matter, do we think that there could be HARDware in the phones that somehow contacts G? Or perhaps it does not matter, because our carriers are probably sharing everything with G anyway? “IMEI xxxx, connected to phone number yyyyyy is communicating with Tower 53 at this time sending z Mb of data to this destination”, etc.

I wonder the same thing about Motorola phones, since G bought Moto some years ago.

Curious to know the answers, thanks.

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This logo is deep in your device. It’s a little like the BIOS in PC/Laptop.
My device is showing the MI logo from xiaomi.

I think there is no way to stop showing the manufacturer logo at first boot sequence.

Motorola’s smartphone division was acquired by Lenovo a couple of years after Google had it. Back in 2014.

For many devices the boot logo can be replaced. Via fastboot or by flashing a zip. Just check or search for your device. For one of my Motos the custom logos are flashable. There’s even an app for it. Got a nice dark custom one. Also serves to hide any your-device-is-unlocked type of screen.
Some versions of TWRP can backup/restore the logo. Just in case. :grin:

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[quote=“marcdw, post:3, topic:13365”]
Also serves to hide any your-device-is-unlocked type of screen.[/quote]

Have a look to the xda pages for your device…

Yes, it is possible to replace the Google logo when booting. I asked about it over half a year ago but it just does not seem to be priority.

I find that google logo annoying as hell.

I agree I also bought pixel 5 and am returning it! they loos a sale. . .GOOGLE LOGO IS A DEAL BREAKER! F Google! and no one thought that MAYBE GOOGLE garbage would not be wanted? UNBELIEVABLE!

Then don’t buy a phone made by Google :slight_smile:


You know you’re living a blessed life when this is a problem to go ballistic about.
But this triggered an old memory, so thanks for that.


Sorry for the Outburst… that was rude and short tempered. Apologies.


Do you have the time or inclination to try the previously mentioned https://forums.ubports.com/topic/1723/replacement-for-splash-images-nexus-5 ?

It was suggested for /e/ to become involved in this sort of idea … https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/2980

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