Why does the google app store appear in installed Apps?

I use f-Droid and pure apk store but on my /E/ phone google app store appears in the apps that need update !!!
And it cannot be uninstalled !!!

Hi @ecoenergie38 not sure how Google App Store is appearing on your /e/ ROM because it is not installed as part of the ROM. Pl can you provide a screenshot of the app + details of your phone + /e/ build version that you are using.

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Hi Manoj, sure I can do a screenshot if you tell me how to do it.
My /e/ version is 0.5-201903114123

Hi @ecoenergie38 the method to take the screenshot is device specific. What is your phone model?
For me on my Xiaomi mia1 it is pressing volume down + power button at the same time. Hold it for a second or two and it takes a screenshot.

here is the screenshot

Microg uses the same package names as G%§$e to trick android. Sometimes the user falls for the trick too. :wink:

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Maybe what @PaulaFairphone is mentioning is happening here. MicroG files present in the /e/ ROM are being mistaken for Google Play Store by FDroid!! Ignore this update request.

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Well, not by F-Droid. Unless you add a custom repository that has the Play store in the catalogue F-Droid won’t think that the installed app by microg is the Play store. Also that screenshot above doesn’t look like F-Droid.

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My mistake then i assumed the screenshot is from FDroid. Not sure what the language is or what is written. @ecoenergie38 mentions he has FDroid and Pure Apk Store on his phone. Either way if the screenshot is mentioning an update is available one of these stores is assuming Google play store is installed on the phone.

That is right it is ApkPure which mentions that Google Play store is present on the phone. Installed the apk on my phone to test this. Must be identifying MicroG as Google Play Store. As I do not have Google Play Store.

that’s a good point that I don’t have google play store. But this bring a new question : how do I have to update microG, by this update or is it bundled with e updates ?

Hi @ecoenergie38 microG updates come as a part of the /e/ ROM. You do not have to update it manually.

thank’s a lot manoj everything is clear now.

To clarify something, the Play Store that is being seen by various app stores is FakeStore. It uses the same package name as the Play Store (com.android.vending). There are some apps out there that will not run unless the Play Store is present.
FakeStore, as you can gather, fakes the presence of Play Store. So for any app stores that say there’s an update available, just blacklist/ignore the Play Store since it obviously can’t be updated.

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