Why does the Murena logo look like a snake?

Screenshot_20231230-114200_Firefox Beta
I’ve long wondered why the Murena logo looks like a snake biting its own tail. Is it really a snake? If so, why?

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The operating system name (now /e/OS) was originally eelo (hinting at the animal eel).

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I thought murena is derived from moraine?

And why does it bite itself in the tail?

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Family of fishes…


Not necessarily biting its tail but an allusion to another FOSS project…Firefox.

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We started with the name eelo which ran into some trademark issues with another firm. A new name Murena inspired by morey eels was adopted. Eels hide in the seas in a way symbolic of the advanced protection against personal data collection we provide with /e/OS. The logo is representative of a moray eel coiled up.


Thanks for the information!

Some logos are actually not so easy to “decode”. For example, the MAG-Lite logo. It is a panther’s head. Panther, because this cat can see very well at night. This is information from MAG-Lite. By the way, I also like the idea behind the Murena logo.

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