Why don't e foundation sell their FP3 Flashed devices on the Fairphone's store too?

Why don’t e foundation sell their FP3 Flashed devices on the Fairphone’s store too after the partnership? You can reach a lot more people if the option was available.

Perhaps after you reached a stable build V1 :thinking:

There could be implications and complications for support if Fairphone sold phones with /e/ preinstalled, but wouldn’t support running it, which they currently don’t …

For advanced users, the e.Foundation has made available a developer version of its /e/ OS for Fairphone 3.
Please be aware that we do not offer support for any different OS.
Before you contact CS, you will have to reinstall the default Fairphone OS on your device.

Support for running /e/ on Fairphones is provided by the e foundation for the time being.


Okay, that make sense.

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