Why is /e/ system using so much data from the internet?

Hi just saw how much the system ist downloading data from the internet. Because I’m new to this system I was wondering if it’s normal or not?

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Hhave a look on mine. Push the ‘AndroidOS’ to see more details

I did the same as you. But it’s insane how much data it is taking in the background? This is not normal, is it?

No, as you can see on.my screenshots

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I did push on android is

Go to device settings / apps and check all apps and restrict backgroud data

Did you by accident download OS updates over mobile data?

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On settings I couldn’t change anything

Otherwise I changed all apps manually background sync off.

Good idea. The size could fit a OTA

That’s what I mean …

Maybe… How can I check?
Just that you know.

I have an unlimited flatrate so it is not really a big deal. I was just wondering why the difference are so big with the background tasks.

I mean the period is from 6 june so it is always drowning so much data. If it would be updates it would be like a peak in the graphic. Or do I mistaken?

I’m not sure if you can directly check that.
Make sure, that “Mobile Data warning” is enabled in the updater settings.

I would reset the data usage statistic and have an eye on it for the next few weeks if this happens again.

I think I win on data consumption … :frowning:

I found that this app might be involved: What is “com.quicinc.cne.CNEService” because it is among the apps in the list of apps included in the usage. Do you think I’m right?

I also tried to see if system updates were downloaded over mobile data, but I don’t know where to look to be sure. Now I’ve followed your advice to disable background data usage on every app, and I’ll see what happens.