Why is Murena Cloud so slow?

I am loving both E/OS and its integration with Murena Cloud. While I am a subscriber to Murena Cloud, I have been wondering why it is so slow. Compared to things like Office 365 of Google Drive, the speed that it takes to load things online is very slow.

Is this a problem with just me or is it a longstanding issue?

Is it due to the servers being in France and latency?

Is it due to it being built on nextcloud which is very slow?

The sluggishness of the platform is the 1# thing that keeps me from recommending it to people. Compared to Google Drive, load times are probably 3-5 times as long, especially when loading a document to work on.

I am loving the product and can’t wait to see where Murena’s cloud platform goes next. I can’t wait for there to be an holistic alternative to Google and Microsoft.

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Why is Murena Cloud so slow?

could you be specific as to the most egregious examples of interaction? could be worth to file an issue then, despite being sure it already is a constant worry of the people who run murena-io.

I’d guess slowdowns beyond nextclouds baseline perf are up to scaling issues. Nextcloud isn’t slow (for definitions of slow) if you’d be the sole user of an instance. This can also be a strategy if you can’t wait for murena-io ops to solve “scale” - book yourself a managed nextcloud instance.

It has been a problem for a couple of months now. It was worse in the past, I have filed various issues regarding this problem, but it does not seem to be a priority at the moment. If you rely on the cloud, use something else. My 2 cents.
The OS is great, the cloud… well, not so much. I really wish Murena was more upfront what the current goals for the cloud are because you don’t really hear anything regarding this.


Do you have any suggestions for anything else? Nextcloud is even slower.

It’s really bad on my side since a few weeks, and especially in Snappy emails. The requests are so slow, and most of the time end up in an ‘Authentication failed’. It’s easier to browse the emails from the phone application.