Why is my installed OS Android 11?


Just new to this OS in total. I wanted to move from GrapheneOS back to Lineage 20, then I heard that E OS has already MicroG built in so I choose it.

Now installed via App and I see that the Android Version is 11. But the latest Lineage is 13. What is the reason I now have Android 11? I guess the installer will always choose the latest release for my phone. But then why is it not the latest Android? Did I do something wrong while installing?

Probably an idiot question, but well I’m trying my best.

THXXX for any insights

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What is your phone ?

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Damn I recalled while writing I did not specify. Then forgot hehe.

It is Pixel 4a Sunfish.

That is indeed usually the case, but it will also only install a stable build.

It seems for this device

In /e/OS Android 13 (T) builds are expected about August.

This is the list of issues filed against sunfish – I don’t actually know if it gives any clues why more development was felt necessary before building stable. https://gitlab.e.foundation/e/backlog/-/issues/?sort=created_date&state=opened&search=~sunfish&first_page_size=20



As far as I understand I can either use a command line install for experts or just use the app (like web based with Graphene).

So with the App I probably never get to choose which ROM I want so I will need the command line and then check out how to use it with a ROM downloaded by myself? Or is there a easy way to just sneak this dev build into the App.


Negative – well it would be more specialist work than a standard install !

Maybe the command line method is not so hard ? https://doc.e.foundation/devices/sunfish/install


Ok I just remember it was told Experienced users for Graphene. Will try. But now a second question:

I would now just go back to LOS 20 as I find it tedious to make a full installation now and then wipe everything later on. But here I found this on reddit now:

*E makes updating manually a lot easier though. No Cell out her in the boonies so we update over wifi and abysmally slow DSL. I have to update LOS by downloading the latest (almost 1GB 58-minute DL) and install via ADB. Royal pain in the arse. *

So with E OS I could simply update without going all the way again when Android 13 is out in August? Would Android 13 be available for Pixel 4a also, if we dont even have Android 12 official builds yet?

It seems your proposal is rather dependent on time line. As I indicated in my first post I don’t have any inside insights into the development cycle for this device.

It’s on this list … [LIST] Devices which will be getting upgraded to /e/OS T

Dev and stable are official releases, just different types … https://doc.e.foundation/build-status


I wasn’t sure if “ease of install” or “latest Android” was your deciding issue, but if you are used to installing LineageOS, the /e/OS CLI install will not be an issue, I think.

If you install Android 12 (S) e-1.12.3-s-20230628304336-dev-sunfish.zip now, you will then have the hope of an Android version upgrade to Android (T) in August or September without the format data normally associated with an Upgrade of Android version. The/e/OS process will similar to that currently described for LineageOS https://wiki.lineageos.org/devices/sunfish/upgrade. This seems a good option to me.

Alternatively you could check out https://lineage.microg.org/ (no support expected for this option on this forum :slight_smile: ) which is available in Android 13 (T) https://download.lineage.microg.org/sunfish/. Here you would have the possibility of flashing Android 13 (T) /e/OS over the top of lineage4microG when available . Others have expressed that this would be expected to work, but of course one would back up all data first.


Or, until /e/OS T builds are available, the unofficial Android 13 build of IodéOS - again, not supported here :wink:

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