Why is my SD card called "android"?

Yesterday I inserted a new 128GM SD card into my FP3 and formatted it in the device. After that I noticed that it is called “android” which is indeed an idiotic name since there’s no Android at all anywhere on it and in my head there’s also no scintillating connection between the name “android” and a storage medium. I’m pretty sure that my previous SD card was known as “SD card”.

Total Commander allows renaming it and keeps indeed the new name. But the Files app knows still only “android” and shows it everytime I open it. And the Files app (or a part of it) is also used by other apps whenever a file path is to be selected, for instance in a camera app.

I’m not sure about when this change did really happen. Is it because of the new card, /e/ 1.5 or Android 11?

Has anyone else this “android”? And can I set any other name?

1.5-r-20221030230467-dev-FP3 here … “SD-Karte von SanDisk” (even with the language set to English).

Apart from …

I didn’t have to do that for a while.
Of course I agree this name choice is not a good one.

The question is if formatting outside would allow another name. Or labeling using Linux or Windows.

Ha! I pulled now the card and inserted it into a Windows machine. (I have indeed an old HP Desktop which has a Micro-SD-card-slot (and many others) directly on the front.) Took a while until the card was recognized but renaming was then no problem. After I inserted it again in my FP3 it showed immediately the new name. Great!

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