Why is Rainloop being used instead of the default Nextcould email app?

Rainloop is very slow for me. It takes ages to load each email when I click on it. I’ve also read that there are some security issues. The Nextcloud app also integrates with Nextcloud contacts etc.

… and why Rainloop Which is not update anymore, while SnappyMail (a fork) is still maintained?
But SnappyMail is also quite slow.

good question, an idea @Manoj ?

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A similar query was answered some time back. Unfortunately, not much has changed with regards to NC mail.

  • The reason why we will not be switching to NextCloud mail can be seen in the reviews here which are not exactly good.
  • Rainloop releases can be tracked here
  • Since Rainloop is not actively maintained, we will switch to another version, likely during this year.
    We will share more details with users once it is available.