Why is TWRP installation not required on GS290?

I have installed /e/ OS on a Galaxy S8 and a GS290 using the easy installer and I noticed that during the installation on GS290, the installer did not install TWRP and require me to configure it, but it did on the S8.
So what is the usage of TWRP and why is it not needed on the GS290? I assume it’s partially because GS290 has an unlocked bootloader. I’d appreciate it if someone could explain this in detail to so I could understand the nuts and bolts of it.

Here is a link to TWRP About. It is a highly versatile alternative to the Android Recovery. Both Lineage OS and /e/ produce a recovery using the same roots as TWRP, but simplified.

My guess would be that Easy Installer requires features found only in TWRP to do the install in the case of Samsung.

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