Why is WI-FI, Bluetooth, GPS turned on after installing /e/ OS?

Hi all .

I wanted to check with the developers or those who know the answer, I don’t understand why, after installing the system, WI-FI, Bluetooth GPS will turn on for me, what is this for? So that the phone shouts to all cell and wi-fi towers, hey I’m here! ))

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Because the OS as targetted at a user base who want to use those features. There may be other distributions of Android where these are disabled by default. /e/ os doesn’t hava a vision of a spartan off-by-default smartphone OS.

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Bluetooth and WiFi both have to be enabled by you, the user. So because they are on doesn’t mean it does anything. I agree GPS should be off, it’s quite posable that these are just Android defaults.

Hello . Thanks for the answer. You write: …who want to use these functions.

What prevents the user from turning on WI-FI, Bluetooth GPS? )) Or is it very difficult?))

Nothing should work by default!

Hello . Thank you for your answer. Yes, you’re right, if I want to turn on Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, I turn it on myself as a user. Now the /e/OS developers have taken this choice away from me, unfortunately.

I’m not talking about Librem5 where you can physically disable all this, but it seems to me that this should not be the case by default and it is not a problem for the user to enable all these functions when they are disabled

This is your opinion. The target userbase, decided by the devs, is people who want the utillity of a smartphone with greater privacy. Not people who want some spartan device. Your argument might as well be “Why not have aeroplane mode on by default so you don’t connect to any radio device?” Or even “Why not have the device immediatly shut down after installing”. I think the people who are purchasing muerano phones with /e/ os preinstalled would find this needlessly obstructive.


I don’t agree with you because you greatly exaggerate what I’m talking about. No one needs any user, no matter what OS it is, for the phone to turn on WI-FI, Bluetooth GPS, NFC WITHOUT HIS PERMISSION. It’s obvious as 2*2))

As a user, I decide for myself when these functions should be enabled!

Then please report the issue directly to the developers … https://doc.e.foundation/support-topics/report-an-issue


You can just turn them off with the blue buttons? Swipe down from the top and if the blue button is blue tap it to turn it off. You can also edit what blue button are available and move them into a priority you like.

Most of the time I have GPS off and if I remember I turn bluetooth off when not in the car to save battery. But once you turn the function off it is off.