Why most of my post with external links are getting removed?

See headline. I’m posting nothing bad against e.foundation. So why aren’t all my posts with links are against forum rules ??

If there is something personal against me, pls let me know

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When you post multiple thread with the same url in them the system interprets it as spam. Try to avoid multiple posts with the same content. You should be able to see the links now.

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  1. the post have had different links to different outside webpages
  2. And links to telegram groups are can’t add, why ??

The same has happened to me one week ago. Within minutes, 8 posts I had written over a period of several months had been flagged as “spam”. Yes, all of them contained links, but nothing duplicated. And in my opinion, all of them had been on topic (with the exception of those post I had written while performing the tasks in the tutorial for the forum).

For instance, Synchronise default email app automatically had turned out to be helpful for the original poster.

I believe, it started with a misconfiguration of the automatic spam detection: when I wanted to include a link to a page in the codeberg-dot-org (trying to avoid links) repository of the Corona Contact Tracing Germany app in one week ago. I was informed that linking to that site is forbidden (for whatever reason), so I just copied the URL. After that, all my posts which included a link were flagged as spam.

After contacting @patrick one of the hidden links had been made visible again, but the others are still hidden.

Kind regards

@Manoj @patrick
For the record, these are the “incriminated” posts. In case the links contained within these posts are indeed violating your rules, please point out how one should refer to images-dot-ecloud-dot-global, codeberg-dot-org when it is totally on-topic and/or can help others?

Oh great. Apparently, I have been reset to “beginner” and am only allowed to post two links at a time. Well, here we go. Let’s hope I don’t get banned if I post the other links in follow-ups…

… to be continued.

1st follow-up with the next two links.

… to be continued. Wait, you are kidding. Further follow-ups are not allowed?

@Manoj @patrick Please… how can I reach someone who will unhide the posts (and maybe also fix these strange rules)???

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Posts get flagged for multiple reasons
Users creating multiple posts with links to the same topic. The system detects this as spamming and automatically hides the posts.
Some users create multiple accounts using different ID’s and use one ID to respond to posts created from the other account . Other try to advertise products they want to sell or have created. Such spamming activity gets tracked and has been clearly mentioned here and here
Arguing or being abusive gets flagged by other users who are offended by the comments. Instances of such violations reverts users trust levels. These are inbuilt safeguards we have to protect our users from spammers and trolls. The same rules if not more strict rules are applied on all forums. We have had our share of abusive users who join the forum with the only idea of being abusive or poke fun at /e/ team members or other users.
BTW I have made your posts visible again.


https://community.e.foundation/faq“If you have any further questions about how things should work here, open a new topic in the site feedback category and let’s discuss! If there’s a critical or urgent issue that can’t be handled by a meta topic or flag, contact us via the staff page.”

@Manoj: The link to the site feedback category is dead.

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Thanks for pointing this out @AnotherElk …not sure the page has even been edited since the forum started. I have pointed the link to the Gitlab …so any issue can be raised on Gitlab…or users can always new create topics in the forum sub category like this one.

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but you never has answered which are my different accounts. If you track the IP and using it for identifying, that’s really worst. Because all accounts which are created over the same VPN will have the same IP !!!
So better review your SPAM rules !!!
And when I’m pointing to another post, than I only do, because there are some additional information or the topic was posted there.

I have written this post at 9 am and was getting this message, but it was my first post today. It seems your SPAM function has big problems with VPN users

Translation: You have reached the max count of answers which a new user could so in first day. Wait 2 hours before you try again.

For the record, I opened issue #2518.

CC: @AnotherElk @NoName161


Thanks, very good :+1: I don’t have an Git account so I can’t comment or ‘like’ it, sorry.

Here next stupid things. ! After 47 days in forum

So I can’t answer anymore :woman_facepalming: