Why my drive storage 1.2 is only 1.2 Gbytes?

Free Storage on my account is only 1.2 Gb. it was 5Gb. Are there problems with nextcloud?

Yep I have 1GB instead of 5GB. I’m about to report the issue right now. Will inform you.

Edit : looks like everybody might be impacted. The team is alarmed.

I have 2.2 GB here…

They gotta be. It’s not usual.

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Thanks all for reporting this. Have passed on to the team to have a look at this issue.

When we change to 0.5 somehow I get 20 Gb. for two weeks and after that the storage was adjusted to five. I saw it as an standart for everyuser but 1.2 Gb its less than dropbox :rofl::sweat_smile:

Hi @Erekoze, are you saying that your paid for a 20GB account and now the size shows up as 1.2 GB .There is an issue in the storage size being displayed as mentioned in this post and I have reported it to the team. Will update what the response is.

No, Manoj. I just said
that when the change from 0.1 to 0.5 happened my account looked
with 20 Gb. and changed two weeks later to 5 Gb.

    I'll pay for  an

upgrade when need it.


Ok thanks for the clarification.

Check the deleted items folder…

The e.cloud issue with drive size showing a smaller number than 5GB should be resolved by tomorrow latest. For some users it should already have been resolved.