Why not F-Droid for apps over micro-G?

I’ve disabled quite a lot of stuff in the background, including micro-G. I’ve also disabled the stupid ‘warning of imminent danger to life and property’. If I’m going to die I’m going to die!
I find it Bizarre on my eOS Fairphone 3+ that I purchased from the e foundation that a lot of the top rated apps refer to Google Play store. Also I think the App Store should have the apps listed from highest security to lowest. I tried to install LG remote official LG App for smart TV and it refused saying that it could not be installed on a rooted phone. Conversely, after installing Ad away from F-droid it can’t use the root option as the phone is not rooted. I’m beginning to wonder if I would be better running a Linux OS like on a Pine phone and wonder why Gaël Duval with his tremendous background in Founding Mandrake that he could look at making a KDE OS for e? Currently for Desktop I’m probably using the most secure OS after Free BSD, Devuan 3.1.1.

Regain your privacy! Adopt /e/ the unGoogled mobile OS and online servicesphone


Because if you want to achieve widespread adoption you need to offer an operating system on which regular users are going to be able to install Instagram and WhatsApp, no matter how bad that is going to be for their privacy, I think.


Sad… But I believe this is true for the vast population. I mean lots of these APPS imitate the same reaction in the brain as highly addictive substances. Keep the kids off the FB crack!

I visited Devuan site but there is not much mentioned about its being Secure? I d love to learn from you what way you called it Secure?
Is Devuan very much secure?
In comparision to PureOS, Parrot Os, and other OS?
I have a long list of secure os for Desktop?

In respect of Devuan it uses SysVinit at boot time and not SystemD. According to the coordinator of the local Linux User Group, SystemD is like giving your PC a bar code that anyone can read, a bit like having a cartoon red arrow over your head. I will also try and find some articles by another guy. If you want to be really secure, go off grid completely.

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God only knows what it’s doing to our children’s brains, as they used to say about LSD.

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I want something that is with balance. All uses with as much as possible security.
I d love to read what you would send.
If you want I can send you a list of OS with secure label.

Any OS that uses:
Run it

for boot process.

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Interesting. Thanks.
How about os like parrot os, pure os etc.? They claim for security.

Found this interesting snippet on Wikipedia:

“In June 2017, the Parrot Team announced they were considering to change from Debian to Devuan

Having looked at Pure OS I couldn’t find any reference to SystemD but on the downside it uses Gnome and the downside to Gnome is that it has pulse audio embedded into it (also by the same author of SystemD). On an old Latitude that came with Vista/XP I have installed Devuan 3.0 with default xfce DE and able to install all ALSA (Advance Linux Sound Architecture) modules then remove pulse audio without breaking the system. :wink: If I tried to remove pulse audio from Gnome the whole DE would unravel. Gnome is superior to KDE in terms of Accessibility but part of me thinks it would have been better if the Gnome project had died in 2014 when it almost became ‘bankrupt’.

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In terms of app purchases I’ve never really used the phone for gaming apart from Candy Crush games and never paid for boosters or lives. I’m very patient and know all levels can be beaten given time. My main purchases have been for a weather app, ProjectM visualiser and most valuable of all Calls Blacklist Pro. I have the standard version installed so am happy about that. Slowly getting rid of Gmail and hopefully my Google account period but was stupid enough to purchase a film off You Tube and guess should use other streaming platforms that have no large corporate bearing.

Would love to know if anyone has put Linux on a Fairphone 3+ instead of or as well as eOS and found a carrier that works with Linux for calls and messaging.

You might be interested in Ubuntu Touch … https://devices.ubuntu-touch.io/device/fp3/

This is a great topic that you’ve started. I was wondering and still doing it cause I’m pretty confused that many forks even the one which seems to be on totally opposite side which /e/OS seems to be is based on google project which they in the end trying to degoogle, modernize, optimize, and so on. It seems to me like for instance making a candy but without adding any sugar. Obviously, currently you can use many other products which tastes like sugar, but maybe in this case it could be nice to call it rather e.g cindy instead of candy.
Getting back to the topic, it seems weird to me that eOS cannot create REALLY something new then following google’s tracks and just improving google’s ideas, projects, etc. I’m talking here about operating system, not an application like launcher and so on.
Sometimes I feel that all new builds could be created only after google released it first. For example Lineage OS 17.1 seems to have still quite long way to become quite stable ROM, but no. Main force is focused on LOS 18.1, already. I’m not entirely sure that Android 11 is better than 10. I would ask in which aspect? And so on and on…
Pretty secure Mobile OS (Graphene OS) build is targeted at google’s devices. Isn’t it ironic? It’s not about only the hardware. It’s about feeding something that we’d rather like wave goodbye to. For me in fact it’s a paradox.
On the other hand in Linux OSes Ubuntu seems to be pretty used system, they even created Mobile OS, but their surveillance practices were also known. How far is it that Ubuntu Foundation become Corporation like google and gain momentum and power which google has and currently uses. I think that the truth is covered by the intentions which determine the final product and how users feel about.
My intention writing this post was motivated by a desire to welcome operating system which is created for people with respect to humanity and for sure done mainly for fun. Not to fight against something or someone, just to provide simplicity and pureness and just fun. In my opinion such intentions could make such project survive in those transformative and challenging times that we’re experiencing. I haven’t met such OS, yet. Maybe instead of just talking I should create one, hahahahahahahaha :slight_smile:


Thanks. You replied very well.
I’m encourage to ask you and others further:
How about desktop os:

Mobile Os:

What do you say?

Indeed, to then marvel at it because it’s so well thought out and cool … while almost nobody would use it because it wouldn’t run the Apps almost everybody wants or needs to run.


Im suprised noone mentioned Whonix, esp running on a vm.

Have been wanting to install e for a long time now, finally installed today on a 7pro 1+. Works perfectly.

I tend to build from source over Fdroid.

Even with e installed I still don’t trust my device and wont until there is a way to secure baseband.

This may be my only post, just wanted to inform community gm1915 1+7P is working very well,( installed per guac page on e site.) and to say thank you everyone and thank you to everyone and to the owner.

I mentioned Whonix.

Well this is my Devuan desktop: Screenshot-20210606-120728 — ImgBB
Earlier this year I was deciding on which PDF creation software to use and opted for Qoppa as it is one of only two commercial softwares that support the GNU/Linux OS and only cost about 1/5 of what Adobe charges Windows users, plus it has all the extras that you would have to pay in addition to with Adobe Acrobat. Just upgraded it to 2021 releas of pdf Studio Pro. I’ve added the Tiled Menu to the Plasma desktop from KDE (which you can also install to Windows) and added a SteamPunk theme.

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