Why not using the Ubports Open source installer?

It’s probably too late and maybe a sally question but I used the Ubports installer on many devices and It works quite well. As it is open source code, I was wondering why not using it ?

Maybe it’s a good idea for a hackathon around xmas when people are on holiday but can’t really do much due to the corona lockdown: try to get the ubports installer working to install /e/ :smiley:
It’s been a while since I tried contributing to it. Back then I found the code not too easy to understand. But from what I read on social media, there have been big refactorings and improvements, so maybe that has changed. It officially supports installing other OSes than Ubuntu Touch.
Not sure how big the benefits would be of using the ubports installer. It might be an advantage that one can throw a JSON file at the binary installer for a new device and with luck it would just work. The /e/ easy installer is somewhat going into the same direction but not fully there yet.

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