Why notes folder is hiden in /e/OS android file manager?

The folder “Notes” keeps the files that is used by the app Notes (in the /e/OS devices) and by the eCloud App “Files” (https://ecloud.global/apps/files/?dir=/Notes).

I would like to use “syncthing” to keep the note’s folder of my eDevice synced with my Desktop, but the note’s folder of my eDevice seems to be hidden.

So, to edit my notes localy, I’m using dav2fs (linux) to mount the eCloud note’s folder in my Desktop, but I’m not happy with that.

Are there any reasons for the note’s folder in /e/OS devices don’t be accessible? I searched for it in Android folder too, but didn’t find it.

/e/ Notes app is a fork from NextCloud Notes Android Client, so it is designed ad a client of NextCloud or /e/ Cloud fork Notes app.
Looking at it’s Java code it seems that Android Notes app data is stored in a SQLite private database, like many others.

In short : Android app is only a client, the Notes main storage is NextCloud or /e/ Cloud server.


Hi @smu44, tnks for the explanation. Now I see why I should try to improve the Notes syncing between eCloud and my Desktop, instead of my eDevice and Desktop. I will try “rsync” today once davfs2 don’t allow me to work offline.
Tnks again!