Why old Android/LineageOS version with FP3+?

This is probably documented somewhere but I didn’t find anything. Why does the Fairphone 3+ come with an /e/ version that is based on Android 10 (LineageOS 17.1, I guess) while there has been Android 11 / LineageOS v18.1 available for quite some time for this device?

Android 11 (R) is in beta testing currently.


There’s a guide to upgrade manually to R, but currently …

… but just to say: It’s coming.

And regarding “old”: The Android base (AOSP) still gets security updates for Android 10 currently. As long as that’s the case, “old” is a subjective perception or plain marketing.


Good to know!

Yes, it’s not “old” in the security sense. I’m just missing some things that I got used to from Android 11 / LOS 18.1 from my now broken previous phone. Maybe that’s also just due to the different launcher that I’m still getting used to… But sure, I’ll be patient! :grinning:

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That’s fair. What are you missing? Perhaps there are solutions. At least there are a lot of launchers available to satisfy different needs.


thanks for the awesome information.