Why so much mobile data usage

somehow my phone (gs 290) usage 100-150MB per day of mobile data
I do not use cloud backup, only Nextcloud, and only on my own wifi network at home.
But still the phone uses mobile data.
When I check my Phone then “android-OS” seems use al of this data, so it is not any of my apps.
What is eating my data?

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You can find out which app is responsible by using a monitor for that. Install Glasswire from Aurora, this shows every app with its amount of mobile and/or wifi data.

Such amounts (100MB per day and more) are typically related to synchronization. Switch synchronization off and look what happens.

BTW: having such an amount of sent data is normally also a case of battery drain.

Thanks for the reply
So I installed Glasswire
And the top is “Android-systeem”
On one day it did 162.6 Mb (Mobile data)
All other apps little to none data


And also check updates, I mean: you should not allow App Lounge or other app stores to pull updates over mobile connections.

App Lounge only used 116 KB this month of mobile data.
It is configured to use wifi for updates.
Only “Android-System” is using a lot of mobile data
I think that Android-system will be the operating system.
Is there a way to see what is using this data in Android-system?

When I look now on GlassWire the only thing that is sending mobile data is Android-System
(I am at home connected to my wifi)

I say it the 3rd time now: check you synchronization settings. You must have a look at the Accounts section in your global Settings. You probably have an /e/ cloud or murena.io account there and this silly thing is pumping data on and on. Switch this off.

I already wrote that I don not have a cloud backup (So no /e or a murena…)
I only use Nextcloud for backup and sync, and only if I am connected to my wifi.
If I look at global settings then there is a DAVx5 account, a Nextcloud account, a Google microG account, and a Telegram account

So in Global settings in the accounts section I switched synchronization off for all accounts.
Makes no difference, phone is still using mobile data.

You could also install an app like RethinkDNS. This shows a detailed log which servers are requested by what process. You normally can then guess what’s going on.

How long is your device already running this way? Does the traffic start again after a reboot?

Well I also installed Data usage manager.
Root (uid 0) is using mobile data.
Very weird, in RethinkDNS I can block all, still no difference.

I found out last month, when I got a warning from my provider that my data was almost gone.
A reboot makes no difference

You might try this suggestion

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Yeah, but that a root process pumps data and that it starts again after a reboot is strange. As long as nobody knows where these data really go we will not have a clue what’s the reason for that.

Today I did a factory reset.
Installed only what I need.
(Nextcloud, Whatsapp, Telegram) and of course all the apps that came standard with e /os
Still a lot of data even when I am connected to wifi.

I could try that.
For now I just disable mobile data until I need it

Just to be sure I removed all apps that are not standard.
So no more Whatsapp, Telegram and Nextcloud.
I did the suggestion of @aibd but all makes no difference.
According to GlassWire every 1/2 seconds mobile data is send .
In just a few minutes I lost 3.5MB of data
2.7MB download and 735KB upload (Android-system)


I just re-flashed my phone.
First I went in to recovery and format system,data and cache.
Downloaded the easy-installer, and flashed the phone.
Looks like that solved the problem.