Wi-Fi setting - to turn on only for known routers

Is there a way to setup the phone to turn on Wi-fi when its near to a known Wi-Fi router.

I see in Wi-Fi preferences: ‘Turn on Wi-Fi automatically’, does that do what I think it does, ie turn Wi-Fi on and off depending on whether you are in range of a known router ?

I see you need to have (Mozilla) Location turned on for that to work, can one presume that respects privacy.

I notice as I travel around - Wi-Fi routers in say motorway service stations or pubs etc the phone notifies me of available connections - which I never connect to, however I presume my IMEI or MAC address gets logged by a 3rd party server somewhere. So inadvertently your location is being tracked in some way, and I wish to stop that, yet not have to turn Wi-Fi on and off as I move between my two properties and my Wi-Fi routers there.

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You can try to setup a System Profile with a Bluetooth device or a NFC tag, if any are available near the WiFi access point.

The description of this switch given in the Settings says so … if the connection is “high quality”.
I’ve yet to encounter a low quality saved network my phone would not connect to.

A switch for turning off notifications about public networks should also be there.

Turning on WiFi scanning ‘allows apps and services to scan for WiFi networks at anytime, even when WiFi is turned off’, so the ‘Settings’ itself scans for WiFi networks, and turns on Wi-Fi when it detects a network. However what I want is for it to turn on only when it detects saved W-Fi networks, is that possible ?

My reading of Mozilla Location services is it does protect privacy, presuming having Location turned on though doesn’t open it up to anything else ?, I’m right that you can check what Apps have permission to use Location.

I note Location uses MicroG all the time.

From what I gather that is not possible. Wi-Fi needs to be on to be able to detect when you are near a saved network. Despite the wording and description of the “Turn on Wi-Fi automatically” setting I believe “turn on” means “connect to”. Away from a saved network, use mobile data. Once back near a saved network automatically connect to it. That’s how all of my other devices work which is normal. The OP8T is the only one with Wi-Fi master switch turned off.

Just as I started composing this my OnePlus 8T lost mobile data (happens occasionally). On the device, I have that setting on and I have a saved network (the router in my room). If that setting worked as it sounds the phone should switch on the Wi-Fi and then connect. It does not because the master “Use Wi-Fi” switch is off.

This topic is on the web and from what I’ve seen they all mention that Wi-Fi needs to be enabled first. Have seen nothing about doing what you are wanting to do. At least not yet.
I could be wrong of course.

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OK, thanks for your comments, and yes they make sense that it needs to be on to detect its within range of a saved network, still curious to know why it needs to have Location turned on though in view of how it works.

I guess one way to avoid random wifi routers knowing you’ve been in range, is to simply not have wifi on at all and have a capable data package with your GSM provider.

The setting does say it requires location services to be on before it can be enabled.
However, location may not be necessary for the feature to work in general.

Operating from a clean ROM I did not enable location during setup or afterward. Mobile data is on. Connect to home router creating first saved network.
Took a trip to the store with phone, now on mobile data of course. When I got back to my house the Wi-Fi automatically reconnected to the saved network.
Without the automatically-turn-on setting nor location services being enabled.

Only have the one access point. Others will need to test if Wi-Fi connects to their saved networks without location services.