Wifi broken on Moto G7 (river) on latest update (R 1.4-20220923220394)

I was really happy because the previous update (1.3) finally fixed the compass, but this one (1.4) broke wifi! Oh god!

When I try to turn the wifi on it says “activating…”, but it never ends.

How can I get some logs to help debugging? Is there a way to revert to the previous build?

Meanwhile I’ll switch to an older device…

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I can confirm this on my Moto G7. What is the link to log a bug report?


Same thing happened to mine!
I’m not going to update ever again!
What should we do now? The phone is useless now

I have just created this issue:


I was on the telegram group and it was indicated that a downgrade was possible, but I have not found if that’s true or the procedure, anyone know how?

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You most likely need to backup and do a fresh install of R 1.3 /e/ image ROM download
Install /e/OS on a Motorola Moto G7 - “river”

Same issue here with my OnePlus Nord. No more WiFi. Great…

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Has there been any resolution on this issue? Are we able to up?grade yet

Does anyone know if wifi is working with the latest update? The update to R 1.5 showed up here, but I’m afraid of losing wifi again.