WiFi Calls/Texts nonfuctional on XT-1965T (MintMobile)

My primary /e/ phone is the OnePlus 6T, but I discovered it has cracked back glass a few days ago. I’m planning to have OP repair it for me and have switched to my backup Moto G7 Plus (XT-1965T variant) in the meantime. So far, my only issue is that WiFi Calling and Texting does not appear to be working despite being enabled from both the Settings app and the Mint Mobile (T-Mobile MNVO) app.
When WiFI Calling is enabled on my OnePlus, the network displays as “T-Mobile WiFi Calling.” On the G7+, it is simply “T-Mobile.” Enabling Airplane Mode and attempting to make calls or texts on WiFi results in failure.
I’ve rebooted, enabled and re-enabled WiFi calling in both apps, taken out and reinserted my SIM Card, even reset all network settings with no luck. Although I don’t NEED WiFi calling now, I do travel to a number of locations where WiFi networks are the only viable method of communication.
Anyone ever seen anything like this?

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maybe setup a SIP account to be ready when you really need wifi-based pstn telephony and wificalling is none-functional? → it’s in the Dialers settings → accounts

a user reported that the airplane mode poses a difficulty, but it should still work in some combination: https://old.reddit.com/r/LineageOS/comments/l027yh/no_wifi_calling_moto_g7_plus_mint_mobile/

Actually, It works with the Motorola when Wi-Fi is on and cellular is off. But the toughest test is when the phone is in airplane mode and then later switched only Wi-Fi on. And that’s when it failed.

is that your experience as well? would be best to cross check with tcpdump at the wifi router if it really uses the wifi connection. Maybe that user is mistaken.

When looking at older Motos, wificalling not only needs flipping a setting (persist.vendor.data.iwlan.enable) → but at least a qualcomm vendor service lib (vendor.qti.hardware.data.iwlan) to be present. For the g7plus lake this is the case: https://github.com/LineageOS/android_device_motorola_sdm660-common/blob/ad5b8d9/proprietary-files.txt#L64 iwlan lib is present so it should work™

My hope is that my OnePlus will be repaired before it becomes necessary to use WiFi Calling.
The Lineage OS user sounds somewhat similar to mine, as Airplane Mode does prevent my device from communicating. I can still call and text when cellular data is turned off, however I have no proof that those functions are being routed through WiFi instead of just being connected to a normal dumb phone network (name of the T-Mobile network doesn’t change, no reference to the call being made on WiFi from the dialer screen, etc).
Looking at my router I can confirm that the router recognizes that a device with my phone’s IP and MAC address is connected to it.

Just curious… When you dial *#*#INFO#*#*, under Phone info, does it show that WiFi calling is provisioned?

(Dial code works on /e/, but might be *#INFO#* on other OS.)

Under Phone info Mobile Radio Power, VoLTE Provisioned, Video Calling Provisioned, and Wifi Calling Provisioned are all “ON.” The only thing that isn’t is “EAB/Presence Provisioned”

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if it’s a wificall, a symbol will tell you in the call. If not, it will be a normal 2/3g call

Yup that’s the signal that I’ve been looking for. It does not appear for any call I’ve made from the G7+, despite the fact that I’ve made calls with Cellular Data Off.