Wifi connected, no internet

I am using an esolutions S9 with version 1.3 and I have had been having problems connecting to many wifi networks.

First, I should say that I have advanced privacy turned off, that I have also turned off private DNS, and that I have set to use the device MAC address. After making these changes, I restarted the phone.

Second, I should note that my device does connect to my home router without any problems. I am using a linksys router, and have reserved an IP address for the device.

However, when in my office (and in other places, but I can’t remember the network specifics), I usually can connect to the wifi, but I get the notice that I am connected but that there is no internet connection. In one case I am sharing the wifi from a macos device, and I know that it works because other devices are connected to it. In other cases, I tried to connect to eduroam, or the local university wifi with the same result.

So, this is annoying, but not critical, as I don’t really use my phone for anything. However, I can easily see how this could be a major issue for someone who is traveling and their phone is their primary internet device.

Any suggestions before I open an issue on gitlab?

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[to whoever recategorized this: Is this a known S9 problem? I just assumed it was and /e/os problem…]

This sounds like or at least related to my problem which is now scheduled to be solved with the r release (sounds a bit like doomsday …)

I think that this is a separate problem. I can re-connect to my home network fine, everytime. For some reason, though, when connecting to a different router, I am able to connect, but never get an internet connection.

I had the exact issue. Mine was already connected to work wifi.
Updated from v1 to v1.2 and I had issues with the office wifi. Home network was unaffected.
So the workaround is to check the box that says “Stay connected to the network” and the office wifi works fine.

But how does staying connected to the network help if that network isn’t providing internet access? I suspect that your internet traffic is just going through the normal cell traffic.

You can help to reduce the chances that mobile data takes over from a “difficult” WiFi by

Settings > System > Developer options > Uncheck Mobile data always active.

Also useful sometimes,

System > Reset options > Reset WiFi etc.

I thought so too. But my internet was working even after disabling the Mobile data.
I could see the my wifi on the firewall